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It's Vacation Time

We will be closed from September 8th until September 18th for vacation. Because we are a small family business, we do not have the staff available to cover vacation time. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. During our vacation, the website will continue to accept orders. Bill will be checking email and voice mail daily. Production will start back up on Monday, September 19th. Orders placed before 1:00pm EDT on September 6th will ship before we go on vacation.

Order 35mm Slides (Digital to Slides)
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Our order system will guide through the entire process of placing your order and uploading your files. It's easy and we are here to help at 330-558-1128 if you have any questions.

 35mm Slide Imaging
 Your order will ship within 2 days (Monday - Friday)3 The cost is $2.00 per slide. Rush Service is available for only $25.00 per order.1
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1 Rush Service: ($25.00 per order) Orders received by 12:00pm Eastern Time are shipped the same day Monday-Friday. Orders received after 12:00pm Eastern Time are shipped the next business day. If you are in a hurry and miss the cut-off, give us a call at 330-558-1128. There is a good chance we will be able to help you out.
To order rush service, click on the rush service box right below the shipping method in step three of the order process. (Limit for same day rush service is 75 slides)

2 Additional Sets: Use this option if you need the same quantity of every slide in your order. For example; if you have two JPG files and order 4 additional sets you will receive 5 slides of each JPG file for a total of 10 slides. If you do not need extra copies of all of your files or varying number of copies, order "no additional sets" above, then order your additional copies in the step 2. 

3 Orders over 125 slides may require an additional day. Please call if you have a tight deadline. Order less than $30.00 may also be delayed slightly.

4 Image Size: The image area of a 35mm slide from a film camera is 24mm x 36mm. But, the opening on the slide mount is 22.5mm x 33.75mm. Because we image your slides digitally, we can reduce the image size to match the slide mount opening so there is no cropping. Select Normal unless you know you need Full 24x36. Select Full 24 x 36 if you have a special requirement that calls for Full 24x36. There is a $0.10 charge per file for full 24x36.